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Types of kurtas every man should have in their wardrobe

by Sundari Silks 06 May 2022
Types of kurtas every man should have in their wardrobe

Kurtas are one piece of clothing which have proven from time to time that style and comfort can go hand in hand. Portraying classic and contemporary vibes, they are perfect to don for any occasion be it a casual temple visit or a festival. In this blog, we have handpicked a few must-have kurtas in your wardrobe for the summer and wedding season ahead. 



It does not take much time for a style to become a trend and this is true when it comes to Ikat Kurtas. A traditional technique that tells tales as old as time, Ikat intrigues the eye of the beholder with its myriad motifs and patterns. If understated elegance is your kind of game, then Ikat kurtas are just perfect for you. Amp up your style quotient by pairing them with denim, casual pants, Dhotis or khakis depending upon the occasion. 




How can a summer wardrobe be complete without the quintessential Kalamkari kurtas? Uncomplicated, non-fussy, straightforward and classy.  These kurtas in earthy tones depict the folklore and mythological tales of a bygone era and are exactly what you need to sport a soigne and simple look.


Feature Photo: Kalamkari



When in doubt, go for a classic Banarasi Silk Kurta as it works well for both weddings and simple events. You can wear a nehru jacket in contrast colour or simply pair the kurta with gold or beige shade pants to add a touch of luxury and sophistication to the ensemble. 


Feature Photo: Banarasi



There is something about Lucknowi Chikankari kurtas that wins hearts in an instant. The magic that the stitches bring to the outfit is unparalleled in beauty and finesse. A classic white Chikankari kurta is definitely a must-have as they are perfect for all kinds of occasions.

Feature Photo: Chikankari

Besides these, you can also pick a few solid colour linen kurtas as they exude relaxing vibes. Styling a kurta is not a tough task as they look great no matter with what you pair them. Team the ensemble with Kolhapur slippers and you are good to go. At Sundari Silks, we have a wide range of short and Long Kurtas for Men in myriad hues and a melange of patterns. You can browse through our latest collection at

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