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Wedding Guest Styling Guide

by Sundari Silks 29 Jul 2022
Wedding Guest Styling Guide

Kalyanam is indeed an elaborate affair in India, with numerous functions like Engagement, Mehendi, Sangeeth, Reception, Muhurtam and a lot more. Being invited to an Indian wedding is exciting because everything about it is amazing, from the delectable food to meeting and having a great time with friends and family. What adds to the excitement is deciding what to wear to the wedding. If you are looking forward to attending a wedding soon read our blog for some outfits and accessories inspiration.

Is it your cousin who is getting married? Or a childhood friend? Are you attending a colleague's wedding? These simple questions will help you understand what you should wear to the event. If you are invited to your cousin or close friend’s wedding, you can go for a glam look. However, if you were just invited as a part of a group by a coworker, you can opt for an understated and elegant look. As sarees are an integral part of Indian weddings, they are a fantastic option to wear as a wedding guest. If you know the bride is wearing a certain shade stay away from it. Nobody wants to steal the bride's thunder. As a general thumb rule, avoid wearing colours such as red and maroon to a wedding as these colours are preferred by the bride.


On special occasions like weddings, many guests enjoy flaunting their Kanjivaram silk sarees, but you can also explore different types of sarees, including soft silks, silk cotton, raw silk, and Gadwal silks. Mysore and soft silks are crisp, lightweight, simple, and easy to handle.  They have a subtle shimmer which will make you stand out in a crowd of women wearing rich, brocaded Kanjivaram sarees. Raw silks are an excellent option if you do not want an overly traditional look. They have a lovely texture and present our traditional Indian ensemble in a fresh light. It is not surprising that raw silk, tussar sarees are making their way into the millennial wardrobe.

wedding-guest-styling-guide-outfit wedding-guest-styling-guide-outfit

Organza, satin and crepe sarees are a few options you can experiment with for reception or sangeet. If you do not want to wear a saree for a variety of reasons, salwars are a lifesaver. Having a few anarkalis, grand salwar suits or skirt sets in your wardrobe can come in very handy, especially if you are attending an event straight from work or do not have time to dress up.

wedding-guest-styling-guide-outfit wedding-guest-styling-guide-outfit


A potli bag or handbag in a shade which complements your outfit is a must, to carry your essentials such as phone, wallet and makeup items. Choose comfortable footwear as you may stand in long queues to take a picture with the couple or in the buffet. Moreover, weddings are a time to have fun and dance your way through the night - so do not let your footwear get in the way of having a gala time. When it comes to jewellery, keep it minimal. A nice pair of jhumkas, a choker and bangles will elevate the ensemble. Complete the look with simple makeup and hair-do such as a ponytail or blow dry your hair and leave it open.

wedding-guest-styling-guide-accessories wedding-guest-styling-guide-accessories

At Sundari Silks, we have a wide range of clothing and accessories for the bride, groom, families as well as wedding guests. You can explore our “Wedding Collective” at Keep watching this space for many such styling tips.

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