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How to style a cotton saree?

by Sundari Silks 12 Nov 2021
How to style a cotton saree?

The word “cotton” evokes comfort and class and is the most suitable fabric for hot and sultry weather. This fine natural fibre carries the spirit of simplicity and its evergreen appeal have inspired many to embrace the handloom heritage of our land. Wearing wonderful textures of soft fabric is pure bliss. The experience can truly be felt when draping a light, gentle cotton saree in soothing tones interspersed with borders and other embellishments. With the changing times, cotton drapes have become a preferred pick for any and every occasion including weddings and hi-tea parties. Here are a few tips to look chic and cheery in a Cotton Saree.


Colour theory is the underlying principle that makes or breaks any outfit. Undertones determine which colour looks best on you. There are three traditional undertones: Warm, cool and neutral. If you have a warm undertone, choose colours like red, orange, yellow. If you have a cool undertone choose colours like green, blue, violet. If you fall under the neutral category, almost every colour will suit you. Choose a saree colour that complements your undertone.


There are a plethora of cotton sarees available right from Tamil Nadu to Kashmir, and each weave unfurls a story of its own. Pick a saree based on the place and occasion you are planning to wear the drape.


We suggest,

Office: Bengal cotton, kalamkari, Jaipur Cotton, Hand Spun Cotton
Parties: Ajrakh Cotton, Ikat Cotton, Pochampally Cotton, Gadwal
Guests for Wedding: Silk Cotton, Venkatagiri, Mangalagiri, Linen
Casual Outings: Sungudi, Chettinad Cotton, Kalyani Cotton


Blouses are elegant piece of clothing that is always open to tremendous ways of dressing up an ensemble. They can be mixed and matched with a gamut of traditional and trendy outfits. If you are wearing a solid colour cotton saree, you can match them with an Ikat or Kalamkari Blouse. You can also pair your cotton drapes with shirts, t-shirts, turtle neck sweaters and create a new and unique look. Here are three blouse styles we absolutely love and looks gorgeous with every cotton drape.



You can accessorise your cotton drapes with Bohemian, oxidised silver, filigree or any funky jewellery which will add a pop of colour to your ensemble. Complete the look with an Ethnic Bag and juttis and you are good to go!


At Sundari Silks, we have a wide selection of cotton drapes that will add grace and elegance to your everyday ensemble. Do try out these styling tips and tag us on Instagram @sundari_silks. Keep watching this space for more styling tips.

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