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The Kanchipuram Crossover

by Sundari Silks 15 May 2020
The Kanchipuram Crossover
Amongst the brocaded textile tradition of India, the silks of the south, especially the Kanchipuram sarees, have always had a special place in our hearts. Weddings laid the foundation for the look and style of heavy zari silks, whereas relaxed occasions demanded a lighter version.
Sarees are versatile six yards of unstitched fabric which reflect the needs and imagination of the wearers. When the concept of a “no-zari” saree or a lighter silk saree was preferred by the customers, the weavers took the initiative of doing every weave in an exceptional way.
The lighter silks combined functionality with the convenience and comfort of a drape; it could balance the rigorous demands of a busy day but with a pared-down version of a silk saree. Simple and uncomplicated, this attire also helped to style a versatile mix and match blouse.
Here’s an initiation into the world of the no-zari saree, which is relevant to today’s times!

The Plain Silks

Woven in a lesser ply of silk, these sarees are preferred by the professionals for a power-dressing personality. The colours and geometry rule the design. An outfit that checks all the boxes — ease, comfort and style!


The Mubbagam and Arai-Pagam

Striking solid blocks of colours layered in contrasts will make you stand out in elegance. The visual delight and versatile geometry in weaving makes it a striking ensemble!

The Adyar - Pettu

Embracing ideas from the Kalakashetra dance school, these sarees were woven with contrast borders comprising just two lines of silk thread at each end of the border. Called as “double-pettu" or double line border, it is woven with a plain pallu and developed its own vocabulary of design!


The Checked Silks

Attention-grabbing colours in solid Madras checks defined a retro classic design called “Palum-Pazhamum”. This design is a must in everyone’s wardrobe!


The Veldhar

The striking horizontal striped lines running on the body of the saree, encompassing silk thread borders and pallu, carried an effortless style. The delicate wavy lines woven in the body is an ode to a revived traditional design!


At Sundari Silks , we always bring back forgotten motifs, interesting colours and various silk blends, to increase the design vocabulary. How better can one create a connection and meaningfulness with the queen of silks!


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