3 Simple Hairdos for Sarees

When you plan to attend a wedding or any other event, you carefully select the right saree, jootis, and jewellery. A hairstyle, however, is just as vital as the other accessories in bringing forth the best look in a saree. It makes you appear effortlessly elegant and charming. Here are a few simple hairstyles for this festive and wedding season.

Low Bun

Nothing goes better with a traditional Kanchivaram saree than a low bun adorned with jasmine flowers. It is a surprisingly easy hairdo and can be done within 15 minutes.



  • Blowdry and detangle your hair. Divide your hair into two horizontal parts and knot them into two separate ponytails.
  • Now insert the doughnut bun into the bottom ponytail.
  • Take 1 inch of hair from the top ponytail, roll it into a ringlet and secure it onto the hair doughnut using bobby pins.
  • Repeat this until every strand of hair from both the ponytails are pinned up to the doughnut and conceals it completely.
  • Use hairspray to ensure that the bun does not unravel.
  • Choose a doughnut that matches the length of your hair; otherwise, you will end up with a very huge or small bun.
  • Finally, decorate it with flowers of your choice.
  • Complete the look with a bindi, heavy makeup and gold jewellery.

Fishtail braid

The fishtail braid is a very simple and sophisticated hairstyle that can be done for casual outings and formal events as hey beautifully complement every outfit. All you need is a good comb, scissors and rubber bands.



  • Tie your hair into a loose ponytail. Use an old elastic/rubberband as you will be cutting it off at the end. If you are making a side braid, then tie up your hair to the left or right side of your face.
  • Split the ponytail into two halves and start braiding. Take tiny sections of your hair and braid so that the plait looks thick and even.
  • Continue crossing strands until the end and secure it with an elastic. Now carefully cut the elastic you have initially tied for the ponytail.
  • Tug your plait gently to create a messy and gorgeous look.
  • You can style this with baby breath flowers if you are attending a wedding.
  • Complete the look with a lipshade that complements your dress and kajal.

Vintage Curls

Curls add a subtle glam to the overall look and can be styled in various ways. You can just curl your hair and leave it open or tie it up into a ponytail. Here is a simple hairstyle you can create after curling your hair.



  • Curl your hair using and part them in the middle. Take a small section of hair from the right side and start braiding it backwards.
  • Do the same on the left side and secure the ends of both the braids using a bobby pin or any other hair accessory.
  • Complete the look with dewy makeup and winged eyeliner.

These are a few hairstyles that can be easily achieved at home. Do try out these hairstyles and tag us on Instagram @sundari_silks. Keep watching this space for more styling tips.